What is the difference between your tour and the rest of the other Los Angeles Tours?

At Build Your Tours, our tour guides were either born here or have an extreme passion and love for the city. Our tour guides want to show what makes them so in love for the city. Tour guides will help tailor-make your tour to your desires. You can go at your own pace at each individual landmark in Los Angeles, instead of having an allocated time for each landmark. Tour guides will even help you take your pictures if you need help!

How many people can you accommodate in a tour?

We usually cater to smaller groups ranging from 2-4 people. However if you have a larger group we can also accommodate that too (extra charges will apply)

We have our own car. Can take our car instead?

Absolutely! If you have your own car, either you or the tour guide can drive you around the city. We can give a discounted rate if you do have your own car.

I don’t want to do a whole 8 hour tour. Can I just do a partial tour?

The tour can be however long you like. We can adjust the price if you only want to do a partial day.

Will food be provided?

Food will not be provided during the tour. However your tour guide can help you pick a place you want to eat. You can also bring your own food. Water will be provided during the tour.

I have a child that needs a booster seat. Will that be provided?

In the state of California it is law that any child under the age of 8 or shorter than 4’9″ (1.37m) must have a booster seat. If needed we provide booster seats however this must be requested before the tour.